Laureate Institute for Brain Research

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LIBR welcomes new President and Scientific Director

We are pleased to announce a new era of leadership under the direction of Dr. Martin Paulus, President and Scientific Director of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research.


New York Times features football concussion study findings

The New York Times has written an article featuring the results of the recent LIBR/TU football concussion study published in JAMA last week.


JAMA article published by LIBR investigators

LIBR investigators and colleagues at Tulsa University have published their football concussion study "Relationship of Collegiate Football Experience and Concussion With Hippocampal Volume and Cognitive Outcomes" in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


LIBR investigator receives K99/R00 grant from NIMH

Kym Young Ph.D. receives a five year K99/R00 ( pathway to independence) grant from the National Institute of Mental Health to investigate a new neurobehavioral treatment for major depressive disorder.